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      Exitos 99.9 FM Spanish Adult Contemporary Music from Caracas Venezuela
Exitos 99.9 FM Spanish Adult Contemporary Music from Caracas Venezuela

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Exitos 99.9 FM Spanish Adult Contemporary Music from Caracas Venezuela

Exitos 99.9 FM Spanish Adult Contemporary Music from Caracas Venezuela

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Exitos 99.9 FM Spanish Adult Contemporary Music from Caracas Venezuela Caracas is Venezuela's largest city and capital. It holds its beauty in the Caracas valley which is bordered from the Caribbean Sea by Cerro Avila mountain range. Rising from its midst is Exitos FM which spreads out its sound waves far around for their loyal fans under the wings of Union Radio Network. Exitos 99.9 FM is undoubtedly the most popular radio station of the vicinity not only for its music, but also for the famous voices it owns & information it presents.

Exitos FM prides itself in providing delicious Spanish pop music of 60s, 70s & 80s for its fans in vividly arranged schedules throughout the whole week. Weekday programming opens with Cesar Miguel Rondon who shares an important collection of local, national & international news, not to mention the interviews with athletes, celebrities and entertainers.

Even though he began his career in the radio industry from 1974 as a presenter, Cesar Miguel Rondon proved his writing skills later on through novels like The Amazon, Nacho, Ka-Ina; TV series like Mother, Good Heart & The Messenger; and also scripts for movies like The Secret, The Night of Sisyphus & Crab-II. The winner of famous awards like the National Film Award, Award of the National Association of Film Authors, the National House of the Artist Award, this individual is a valuable member of the Exitos FM team.

The rest of the day is hosted by Ivan Loscher, Carlos Eduardo Ball, Marta Colomina, Eli Bravo, Jesus Leandro, Pedro Penzini Fleury & Ramon Pasquier.

There are a few short programs like Such A Day Like Today by Napolen Bravo, Towards A Better Life Style by Pedro Penzini Fleury and Our Universe Insolito which pops in at different times in-between the usual weekday programs.

Weekend flows on with A Week Like This & World Exclusive voiced by Jesus Leandro, Charlie Ball Show & Sundays of Success with Charlie Ball, Summary of Music by Ivan Loscher, Beatle Mania brought in by Marian Rieber & many other interesting programs like People In Politics, The Musiteca, For All These Years, Franken and more!

Exitos FMs informative website (www.unionradio.com.ve/exitos) carries everything that an interested fan would need to know about his favorite radio station and its history, the weeks programming schedule and details of its announcers.

As its Spanish meaning expresses, Exitos 99.9 FM is indeed a success within Caracas with its wonderful collection of output offered for the listeners who tune in regularly.

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